Monday, July 20, 2009

Polo match

This is my first polo match that I have ever been to. It was the U.S. vs Ireland, and as you can see the Irish were very creative and wore the little Irish hats on their helmets. It was quite exciting, and very fancy, there were picnics with wine, bubbly and cigars for the men and many other drinks that I have no idea what they were. This is defiantly a place to were a floppy hat if you had one. Then at the end everyone would line up on the edge of the field and the players would ride around and give everyone a high-five. The Irish won with 14-9

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Uncle Keith!

Keith has been an uncle before, but he now has a new nephew named Nathan. On July, 7,2009 Nathan was brought into this world with pain and love. Like my mom always says. "After all that I've done, after all that I've given, after I pained and birthed and bleed you into this life. We give a lot for the ones we love.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate

Everyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love hot chocolate, or hot cocoa depending on my mood of what to call it. It's just so soothing, warm, chocolate of goodness. Whenever I have a bad day, cold, or just want something to comfort me I will go to my hot cocoa. On this particular day that I took this picture I was faraway from home, missed my love, and it was cold and rainy out side. I just needed my hot chocolaty goodness to help me not so home sick.

Boston Zoo

The Boston Zoo is the smallest zoo I have ever been to, but it was really cut. The animals were still really cool and quite friendly. It was like you were walking in the forest. There was alot of trees and plants and you walked on a little path in order to get around. The best part were the two bears wrestling.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Prom

A girls first prom is always one to remember, but I don't think any of those girls had the kind of prom that I did. First of all I was the one who asked the guy to go to prom. We aren't much for dances, but I wanted to have the experience of going to prom and I did not want to go with anyone else, and I don't think I will be going next year. This would be my last chance. Then our day date was just hanging at his house watching movies and hanging with friends. Then after we split to get ready I was the one to pick him up and brought him to my house for pictures and our friends in our group picked us up to go to dinner. After the dance we all changed and went up the canyon for a bonfire. We are a bunch of cowboys after all.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Crazy stuff has come out of having friends. Even more so from FFA friends. Bonfires, trips, sleepovers, work, and any situation that we gather together. We have gotten to know each other very very well. Our crazy trips alone, there are very little to no secrets that we all don't know about. We have our fights and disagreements, but when it comes down to it we are always there for each other. My two best friends that out of the entire group are my down to the core, friends to the end, Linsie and Keith. We have been through more than a married couple in their 3 year of marriage. It's nuts, when your stories are so out there that you don't even believe them your self. Friend... all for one and one for all.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Love

The first person to somehow take the key to my heart is Keith Conaway. Isn't he such a cutie! ever sense we meet at an FFA trip to Ceder City, we have been friends. Those FFA activities were an adventure its self. It's where you really get to know your FFA family. Spending days together away from home, you really see the real person.Somehow we have always just been great together. And bonus for me he is a total cowboy himself. He has changed my life in so many ways that he has left an eternal mark that will never leave, no matter what happens in the future. We have been through good and bad, tears and endless love. We have even gotten each other sick, that's impressive for me cause I usually wont let anyone near me when I'm sick, not even my mom. There was one time coming home from a FFA trip he got food poisoning. we spent hours on a crowded bus with him throwing up in a bag* that I held for him. He was exsosted and feel asleep in my lap a few time. He is a miracle in my life.


My biggest thing is I am a total cowgirl. This is Hope (Tom's Painted Hope) she is my first horse that i got when I was 12. We had a ruff start, but we are best buddies not and will never be separated. We have done a lot of crazy things that I know normal horses don't do. I do have 2 other horses, Freedom and Justice (Hazia run'n Kidd) Freedom is Hope's baby. You'll hear more of them later.


I have decided to picture journalise my live adventures and expireances as well as my regular journal. Hope you enjoy reading crazy, funny, sad, and all the other types of stories that my life has brought into mine as well as others.