Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving in Arizona

This is the early morning that we left for the long road to Arizona. As you can tell it's very dark and Keith is very focused on the road.

YAY!! We have made it to the boarder of Arizona and Utah.

This is Shaun, Keith's nephew, he's helping charge the battery on Keith's car. The lights were left on, it's all charged now. :)

Keith's car is in Arizona so he is working on it. It runs just needs a tune up, title, registration, insurance, and the drivers door wont open.

Keith and Shaun are feeding the fish at the Arizona Zoo.

Shaun is looking at all the different animals on the train ride at the Zoo.

Keith and Shaun feeding the Graff!!!

That's a really long tong!!!!

Me and Keith flying over the Zoo

Shaun and Chris flying over the Zoo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Name for new horse

Sorry I don't have a picture right now I'll try and put one up. I'm looking for a name for my new horse. She is a gray (white with brown freckles all over her) Tall Thoroughbred Jumper, very sweet and gentle just like Hope my other horse. Have any suggestions?

Thursday, October 1, 2009


September 19th I had to said good bye to one of my beloved horses. Justice died at 12:45 Saturday morning. I was riding him up the Pleasant Grove waterfall trail. Keith was riding Hope right behind me; we were headed up to Tarzan's bath. 100 yds past the falls Justice "tied up" a term which is when they have a burst of alactic acid and their muscles become like stone. (his entire body had a cramp) Tieing up has killed thousands of horses, but even more horrifying is when he cramped he wasn't able to control himself and fell off a cliff into the stream. He loved water. He loved to swim, and play in it. Justice loved to run and he would give his all every time I got on him. Right before he lost control he looked back at me, and told me to get off. I have never in my life felt so sure of what he wanted and was telling me. To the end Justice was a hero, he deserved the justice and freedom he got. We all loved him and will all miss him so very much. He is running without tiring now and will forever be free. Sleep well my friend.

Monday, August 24, 2009


With the help of Dad and Kris we were able to finally get the horses compleatly moved to their new home and all the stuff out of the old. Moving the barn was the last thing.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Alpine Rodeo

At 9pm I got a call wondering if I could ride the flag pattern in the rodeo, the rodeo was the next day. Luckily I have Hope, she isn't afraid of flags and I can ask her to do anything knowing she'll do her best. It was ruff the first time, but after warming her up she calmed down and knew what her job was. The rodeo was Friday and Saturday. She was freaked out by the pigs that were by the gate and she wanted nothing to do with them. The second night she was quite interested in the bulls and loved watching them. I also had to do the concession stand, because the FFA was in charge. All around it was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New York

NYC was fun for the most part, but really crazy. It made me realize that I am so not a city girl. There were huge buildings and lots and lots of cars. I liked the horses the best, but it wasn't the same with them being part of a busy city like this. We went to a cupcake place... holy cow those were amazing. They had different flavors that you would never think of. Angi and I went to our first Broadway show. "9 to 5" it was really funny. Dolly Parton was the only person I knew, but I don't know many famous people to begin with. Then of course we saw the statue of liberty, and the Brooklyn bridge.

Beach Bash

In Boston we went to the beach or a pool a lot. This is just one of the beaches that we went to. It was lots of fun and I got tan :). Addi wanted to be covered in sand. Her swim suit was full of sand when she got out. The waster felt really good after sitting in the sun for so long. There was a lot of old leathery people. Ewwww!!!!